Yeah, Procrastination baby!

28 04 2010

So here is the way my life is right now…

I am a university graduate, with a bachelor of journalism and a bachelor of arts. I have always hated the idea of a boring newspaper job with long hours and little substance and very little creativity if any. And when you’re a fresh graduate you rarely get any interesting jobs because you have no experience, and the slightly interesting ones go to people with yonks of experience. So instead of writing about the controlled blackout that occurred on the random night in toowoomba that time, which no one cares about, not even the sources, I have been putting some time aside to write for a few music publications. I write CD/Gig/Event reviews and the occasional interview for and have also just signed up for BATS magazine (how cool does it sound? MAYBE IT IS RUN BY BATS!) and am set up for a trial with RAVE magazine. I do not get paid for any of this but I do receive free cds and tickets to things, and it will look cool on my rather blank journo resume.

As well as this I am on the committee for an amateur theatre company called Ignatians Musical Society. I hope to be a performer as well as backstage person from time to time, but on the committee I must attend meetings every so often and I have been put in charge of PR and Marketing for the company this year so once I get all the information I can add that to my workload, and I’m hoping it wont be too difficult, just email, send letters, notify, put up posters, and hassle people a lot. I suspect PR and marketing to mostly just be common sense. So we’ll have to wait and see if I have any. This year we’re putting on a choir performance mid year and ‘Miss Saigon’ in November-ish. I am a soloist in the upcoming choir performance which I’m yet to properly prepare for, and I’m also competing in a vocal competition in late May, plus various other solo bits in preparation for my audition for a few state conservatoriums of music. So I can add  “attempting to be a good singer” to the list, which involves learning plenty of music and actually getting good. Fortunately I have a fantastic classical voice coach called Marina whom I adore and she has helped me so much in the past 2 years. Lets hope in another 2 I’ll be really coming along, and one day I want to learn to belt! Be in a band and all that snazzy stuff.

I am trying to get babysitting up and running because I’m good with kids, but not many parents have lives it seems, and despite assuring me theyd want me to be their babysitter, they have yet to phone. And the one woman that does phone will only pay be 10 bucks an hour for bizarre times like 9:30pm til 12:30pm on a friday night. I suspect her and her husband just want some “peace and quiet” from their 6yr old from time to time.

All this stuff I enjoy doing, despite the stress, but on top of it, apart from the babysitting, I dont get paid for any of it.  Theres perks, sure, but payment is a nada. So what I do for money work as a swim coach for kids (and some adults) at a local family swim school. I work every day, because the shifts are quite short. If I’m lucky I can get 5-6 hrs a day between 2 shifts, but most of the time its half day work, my longest singular shift being 4.5 hours. So I cannot have a day off without knowing I wont have enough hours in a week, which I actually dont even have with the every day stuff. I get a dollar raise to my hourly rate soon, and hopefully another one shortly after that (or so my manager assures me) but like I said, I dont have enough hours of work a week, and quite often I dont get paid properly for what I have done, so I am often poor as anything. Because of this I have decided to rearrange my life. I am applying for a second job as we speak. I enjoy working with kids and swimming, despite how sick I always am (children are the incubi of the plague… balls of disease who make me unable to sing because of respiratory problems!) so I dont want to stop teaching completely, I just plan to condense/cut a couple of hours that I have so that I’ll get a day off somewhere in there (at least one!) and then get another job on top of that, so I can afford that day off. I first applied at the airport. They have early morning shifts I can do before teaching that would be great (I love finishing work and having the afternoon and evening free) or if I must I can do an afternoon shift too. Money is money, and airport work money is great! so fingers crossed I get it. It’s mostly just making coffees and counter service… or I could try to be a sniffer dog?

Anyway with all this crap on my plate, its no wonder my room looks like Dresden. But yet, while I have these half days off, I sit and enjoy the peace and quiet in my room, and waste time blogging all my brain vomit onto this page instead of hopping to it and working my buttocks off. So God knows what direction I’m heading in! I figure, I had work this morning then I had a singing lesson, and in a bit I’ll do a CD review plus go for a small run, then I have a meeting to attend followed by choir. Is it then so bad that I’m taking a few hours for myself?

I bloody think not!




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