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29 04 2010

Inspiring modern day fairytales do exist, as Bonnie and Danyl reunite after a proposition for remarriage. The incredibly bromantic proposal was delivered as a variation of the lyrics of ‘I Will Survive’ via text message. Procrastination, giggles and cheese eating ensued. A transcription of the romantic banter will be available soon.

The two have hoped for a ceremony to renew their vows that will most likely involve a beautiful dress that shows off Daniels legs,  a shirtful of delicious McFlurry spillage for Bonnie, and a special television screening of Frisky Dingo, Seasons 1 and 2. 

The recent stint of seperation was sparked by Bonnie’s recent out of control cookie addiction, doubled up with Daniels deep imbedded attraction to men with a manlier beard than the one Bonnie possessed.

 This will prove to be a most advantageous wedding should it succeed in the second round, for they not only can continue to make jokes about the inappropriate violation of the sanctity of marriage, and the outrageous wedding vows they are sure to come up with, but they now also have yet another excuse to plan a holiday to Fiji, for honeymooning purposes.





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