29 04 2010

So updates! I’ve yet to hear back from the airport people as to whether they want me to make them sexcellent coffee, I’m hoping I hear back soon cos I wants da moneys to do da livin. I have got my good bud Gemma on board to help me with PR and marketing for the theatre company so it’s nice to know I have a helper, and she probably knows tons more about it than I do so I will be sure to hassle her relentlessly. I look forward to our marketing dates where we hand out posters and scoff cheap Lebanese food. I have pitched to BATS magazine that I would like to write up pieces on events such as the Amnesty International exhibition they had on at Lightspace in the valley last night and other charitable endeavours – yes that includes Mary J Blige’s Foundation for searching for the Loch Ness monster. Lol. It would be a nice way to use whatever skill I have to feel I can create awareness and somesuch. And I think lastly I am off to pick up some CDs from RAVE magazine in Greenslopes this afternoon before work so I have a few more reviews to do. I am also expected to do a couple of interviews soon so I need to find a decent recording device so I can do phoners. At the moment I have my generic KMart MP3 player… for which I have little faith.

Anyway, TO PHOTOSHOP! I got it so I could make posters for Miss Saigon when we get the logo rights, but I have been playing on it in the meantime, and I must say the glory of photoshop is unfleeting. Here are some of the genius creations I have whipped together so far:

You need to click on that second one to see the whole thing, otherwise you may not get the joke… and I am currently working on something with johnny depp and the cookie monster. Stay tuned!

Over and Out.




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