28 08 2010

There comes a time in everyones day to day life where they may take out their suffering on someone else. It’s not the right thing to do, and we know this… but sometimes – when one may be exhausted, unwell, constipated, or just plain schizophrenic – we are all susceptible to revealing our inner mister grumpy gills.

Like most I go through my day to day life trying to politely put on a smile. Some days it’s not hard, I’m a happy person with a good enough life. But recently I have fallen into danger zone. The danger zone is essentially a week where I’m feeling a bit off, sometimes even depressed, and I think it’s mostly due to stress. Gnerally the danger zone is approached after many weeks of scrupulous work ethic and hardcore adult responsibility and for a while there I feel great and organised and so on. But then out of nowhere, something happens. And it always happens.

Someone bails on a work obligation leaving me to pick up the slack. That running you were hoping to get into is postponed yet again because you’ve torn a muscle dong God knows what. A seemingly adorable child you go to greet lovingly decides to reciprocate by coughing in your face, gving you an upper respiratory infection to look forward to. Or just simply that guy you fancy spends an evening talking to you about their enthusiasm for a girl that is the opposite of you. Shit happens. Usually all at once.So when it rains, it pours. And when it pours, it pours shit, and so now you’re left, full of rage-a-hol, and covered in shit.

You get your cranky pants out of the cupboard and you decide “to hell with it! today I’m sick so I’m going to take a damn sick day!” when ordinarily you would simply go to work anyway and end up feeling not so bad afterall. You think, “hey! I spent $80 on healthy food! Thats an effort that deserves a family block of chocolate!” And of course while you’re already feeling sorry for yourself and you’re discomfort levels are increased by some other day to day ailment, the person nearest and dearest to you might occasionally get a bit of lip from you. Obviously this is not an allowable frequent occurrance, nor can you  be disastrously insulting, lest you want a smack. And in order to be forgiven for your moment of weakness you must apologise, and openly admit that you’re in a funk and didnt mean it.  This is the general rule I follow. Be a good person. Everyone makes mistakes. Forgiveness is devine. We all remain friends with acceptance, understanding and an inordinate amount of underlying disdain. Etcetera etcetera.

But then suddenly there was this girl. Let’s call her Cate. I don’t know what it is about her. But she brings out the absolute c-bomb in me. I mean, you don’t have to like everyone, and you dont have to go out of your way to pretend that you like them but… you should at least be respectable. But this girl, I just don’t understand. I don’t think her a bad person. I dont like to argue with someone unless theyve said something insulting or out of line. And as far as I know she isn’t much like this. All I can say about her is that she is truly the one who I find really really…. annoying. Just fucking annoying! You know the kind: constant blabbering about nothing; wears stupid faux indie accessories and wanks on about music when she only owns 2 CDs (something like Mariah Carey and Blink 182); she’s always  interrupting you mid sentence to correct you when you’re talking about your own life. She somehow relates everything you’re discussing to gaming, science or just plain motherfucking nothing. I mean usually I like nerds. Theyre pleasant, and occasionally cute. I date nerds from nerdland. But this is one of those awful nerds from a place out in buttfuck nowhere who I never chose to navigate to and I wonder how she even got out of there in the first place.

I mean, its easy with vapid girls who are basically walking STI’s who talk of nothing but how much guys hit on them and spend months planning how theyre next going to take 100 photos of themselves instead of getting a job. I can ignore them and smile at them because, well… theyre iditios. They don’t know when you’re humouring them, and you don’t expect any better. Guys who are repulsively ignorant and yet ridiculously arrogant and would jump at the opportunity to take their shirts off (in fact they oil their muscles every morning, just in case) it doesnt matter because they often secretly know theyre dumb which is why they overcompensate. But this girl, who happens to be a friend of a friend, is someone who studies hard. Who is comfortable with themselves for the most part. Someone who has a decent looking future ahead of them. I expect better of her. You’d think this to be a good thing, but god! She’s just so annoying! Its like I have bitchy tourettes when she’s around. And now her very presence annoys me so much so that she could say nothing provocative and I’m probably come off as aggressive.                               

Where has my willpower gone?  What happened to my years of experience deflecting/ignoring all sorts of provocations from my sisters? What happened to my decency? That last one was a joke. All I can say is, Cate is the catalyst for this doctor jykell to become miss hyde and I really must learn to put a lid on it when she’s around or in the very least, pretend I’ve had an accident and become a deaf mute who needs to be at least 20 feet away from her because its horrible contagious… it could happen.




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8 09 2010

Have you seen Dr Jekyl/Miss Hyde ?

8 09 2010

no! is it amazing? it sounds amazing.

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